V -   Vance Family Soy Candles
Thank you for your interest in our line of soy candles and body products.  We are committed to changing the petroleum based candle and beauty industry and educating the world about the dangers of synthetic fragrance.  We use NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE.  We are committed to making only plant based, all natural, sustainable products that will make the world a better place to live and breathe.
Did you know that even most "natural" soy candles contain synthetic fragrance?  Synthetic Fragrance is made from Petroleum and Phthalates.  Both of which, when inhaled or applied to skin, are shown to cause cancer, headaches, asthma, sick disease and a variety of other maladies.  When we found this out, it became our quest to create "The Perfect Candle".  Not only are our candles handmade with Renewable, GMO-Free, Low Soot Soy, but they are made with only ORGANIC PLANT DERIVED OILS, BOTANICALS, ESSENCES, EXTRACTS and Natural ESSENTIAL OILS and have a low smoke, cotton wick!  And these candles burn amazing!  I hope that you, too, will be as excited about our candles as we are!  It is so wonderful to feel good about burning candles! As if these candles weren't awesome enough......ALL Vance Family Soy Candle Labels are printed on unbleached or recycled paper & are crafted in Vancouver, WA,  and 100% of our containers are made in the USA.   Also, we ALWAYS HAVE and ALWAYS WILL Donate At least 10% of Profits to Charity.
The Vance Family
*Environmentally friendly
*100% GMO-Free American Soy Wax  *The exact Genetically Modified Statement on the soy wax I use is: " (company name) products do not contain genetically modified (GM) material".
*Dye-Free (goes with any decor and won't have negative affects on allergies)
*re-useable,  made in the USA  glass containers and tins,  handcrafted in Woodland, WA USA pottery & handpainted, collectable candles by Susan's Creations for Glass of Vancouver, WA
*Scented with ORGANIC, NATURAL OILS  & Essences or Natural Essential Oils & Extracts (this is very hard to find in even "natural" candles).  NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE.  NO PHTHALATES.  Most oils are sourced and pressed in the USA.  A few, like sandalwood & vetiver, are available only from their native countries but are processed (turned into essential oils) in the USA. 
*cleans up with soap and water (no more ruined carpets and you can re-use your container!)
* low smoke, cotton wick (not smoke free, but lower than most and renewable!)
*unbleached or recycled, handmade in Vancouver, WA,  Paper Label designed by Vintage Paper Boutique of Vancouver, WA
*At least 10% of profits go to Charity (check out www.isabellacatalog.com for our BELIEVE candle made exclusively as a fund raiser for a wonderful woman with cancer named Jackie).
*You can throw any left over "wax" in your compost pile!  Try and say that about other candles!
  Our Candles are  Hand-Crafted and tested to be the best. We know that you will be very pleased with your choice and look forward to hearing how wonderful our candles make your home smell and how great you feel while burning them!  Our candles are widely used for their aromatherapy benefits!  If your favorite scent is not here, please contact us; we are always up for suggestions!
Sincerely, Amy Vance (Owner, Candle Maker) and Family