V -   Vance Family Soy Candles
Your Candles are Amazing!  They fill my home with an amazing aroma, even when not lit!  I have never burned soy before...and I am hooked!  Your candles don't have the "perfumey smell" that synthetically fragranced candles have and they burn great!  I love your candles! Robin
Your claim about soy cleaning up with soap and water is totally true!  My children decided that the melted candle would be fun to smear all over the bathroom.  I was horrified and thought it would be a pain to clean up.  I made THEM clean it up with soap and water and I couldn't believe it when they said they were done and it really was clean!  Thanks for a great candle that also cleans up great!  Happy Heather
I have asthma and can't usually burn candles.  Yours don't bother me a bit.  I love them!  I am so happy to have found real, organic aromatherapy candles for my home that don't give me breathing problems and headaches!  Thank you! Breathing EasyBethany
Your prices are great!  Similar candles at Whole Foods are $30!  Thanks for a wonderful, all around candle!  Keep up the great work!  A Thankful Customer
I LOVE YOUR GARDENIA!  I love that it is REAL GARDENIA.  It is FANTASTIC.  Thank you!  A Gardenia Fanatic!
Your Massage Candle is Genious!  My husband and I are total fanatics and are hooked on your massage candles.  The warm oil glides on perfectly and feels so wonderful.  Thank you for a great product!  From A Massage Candle Maniac!
"I absolutely endorse Vance Family Soy Candles!  They are wonderful!"
Portland Mayor Sam Adams (pictured with Amy Vance at the premier party of Portlandia where Vance Family Candles were used on set)
My dog likes to eat candles so it is relieving to know that yours won't make him sick or eventually grow a tumor in him!  Plus, I love that you put a lot of scent in them so my home doesn't smell like dog all the time!  Thank you for your plant based wonders!  I love them!  A Dog Owner and Candle Freak!
I had dry, itchy scalp and bought some of your Body Butter. Not only did it make the dryness and itch go away, but I am also re-growing hair on my head where I haven't had hair in over 25 years!  Thank you!  A Repeat Customer
I bought your Miracle Skin Butter for baby last year at the Farmer's Market for my daughter.  She absolutely loves it!  It is the only thing that has ever soothed her dry hands.  She puts it on before bed every night and it has completely healed her hands.  I am back to buy more, we just ran out!  Thank you for making my daughter's life (and mine) easier!    Suzanne from Salmon Creek Farmer's Market
I am beside myself with your Skin Cafe Body Butter, it smells so delicious!
I never knew my skin could feel so good!  I used your Amazing Face Scrub on my face, and then my hands, and then my feet and I feel 20 years younger!  Thank you!