V -   Vance Family Soy Candles
If you are reading this, I thank you!  I thank you for caring about the ingredients we put on our bodies and in the air.  I thank you for supporting me, Amy Vance, in my quest to bring plant based, sustainable, synthetic free soy candles, body products and natural home products to the world (although I don't sell my candles out of N. America, I still want to encourage people in all areas of the world to buy their local source of sustainable candle rather than petroleum & synthetic fragrance).
Who am I? 
I am a married mother of 3 who loves to play with my boys.  I love to get dirty, hike, garden, swim, travel & be creative.  I am also allergic to synthetic fragrance.  When researching how to make candles, home fragrance & body products, I learned what horrible, unhealthy & detrimental ingredients are put into most products (even the "natural" and "healthy" ones!).  It is amazing how many things we use in our daily lives that we don't realize what they are made of and whether it is something we should support or not.  I have become very aware of this and now am very careful not to buy new items made from petroleum (buttons, bottles, toothpaste tubes, lip balm tubes, shoes, shirts, bags, make-up, lotions, inks, furniture, the list goes on!) or from foreign countries (it is shocking how many items that are from "local" companies are actually outsourced or are made with foreign materials!)
I have begun my own line of soy candles and body products that don't have any mystery ingredients and use only materials from the U.S.A.* (a few essential oils are made in the U.S.A  but the plants have been sourced from their native lands).  Everything I make, I use.  I don't make my items solely to make money.  I also have a moral conviction that we should not use petroleum and we should use natural products on our bodies and in the air we breathe.
I believe in making a positive impact on those around me and helping others whenever needed.  I believe in supporting artisans so they too, can pursue their passions and gifts that God has given them.  Thus, I work with local artisans to create candle holders and gift sets that are truly handmade.
I believe in a great attitude, thankfulness, hard work, justice, equality, kindness and love. 
Thank you for reading this and getting to know me (a little).  I hope you too, go out and make the world a better place!