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If you would like a wholesale catalog, please make sure to include your business info (name, location, website or fb if applicable, business license # & resale # ) on your contact form.  Thank you very much!
If you are in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area, you are more than welcome to stop by my studio and smell, see & feel my candles in person.  Please call or e-mail for an appointment. 
Also, check out my list of upcoming wholesale trade shows!
I am careful not to saturate the market and I take your business seriously.
I make your candles to order so my turn around time is usually 7-14 business days (pallet orders, bulk orders, & custom labels take longer - please call or email for quote).  During the holidays, turn around can be up to 3 weeks, so ordering early for a later delivery date is recommended.
If you are a local business, we will deliver your candles for free (minimum $150 order).
Custom scent labels available for an extra fee (for instance, I make a Lake Crescent Lodge candle for Olympic National Park & an exclusive Timberline Lodge candle) and custom blends are available (for instance, I make a special blend of organic essential oils for Isabella Catalog that can only be bought from them). Private labeling also available. 
Olympic National Park's own Lake Crescent Lodge custom candle
 Thanks for choosing Vance Family Soy Candles, caring about the environment, the economy, and health.  I hope to be working with you soon!
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Timberline Lodge exclusive candle
The Oregon Historical Society - Portland RoseEarth, Mama, Angel Baby Private label & Custom Scent
Private Label & custom scented candles for Soul RiverPrivate label & Custom Scent for the Health Matrix* fast turn around ( usually 3 business days - more for large orders, custom labels, & during the holidays)
* no minimum order
* quantity discounts
* free samples to qualified buyers to make sure you choose the  right scents!
* full product replacement or credit if unsatisfied or breakage occurs- I  pay shipping- 
* recycled materials used in packing
* 10-20% of net donated to those in need - to that end, a discount is 
   given to non-profits.
* free local delivery 
* custom scents & labels available for a one time fee
* private labeling available
Vance Family Soy Candles
Vancouver, WA USA 
Private label candles! - a Washington & Oregon Company

Beautiful display courtesy of New Seasons Market!
Our Keep Portland Weird Candles at Made in Oregon PDX 
My candles look great on store shelves and move fast!
Our American Scent Trip - Oregon candles on display at Pendleton Woolen Mill StoreAmerican Scent Trip - Oregon candlesBetter Living Home & Garden ShowFor sale at Powell's Books -Keep Portland Weird at Pendleton Woolen Mill StoreOur BEND, Oregon candles for sale at Pendleton Woolen Mill StoreHandcrafted pottery that can be re-used! Custom Labels!