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Every Candle Purchased = A Donation To Those In Need

Helping those in need has always been a top priority in my life, and thus, my
business.  It is a blessing and honor to be able to give back and help, if I can.

However, I want to do more. But, I need to pay my bills and take care of the needs of my children.  Thus, I have started a new line of candles called Shine Candles.  As of right now, they will only be available online for retail price so that I can donate 20% of all sales to a non-profit that makes the world a better place.  For the time being, that is Shriner's Children's Hospital.  Why Shriner's?  My son had severe scoliosis and was bent over in excruciating pain for years.  I couldn't afford medical insurance but still took him to multiple doctors, physical therapy, and chiropractors in the hopes they could help. But, to no avail. He got worse, and worse. Then, Shriner's came to the rescue. Shriner's Children's Hospital performed spinal surgery on my son, and basically, gave him a new spine, for free.  We are forever indebted to them and can't thank them enough for stepping in and protecting, and healing, my son. 

As for the rest of my candles, I always have,and always will, donate as much as I can.  Here are some I've had the honor to support:

Friends of the Children
Volunteers of America (via  My Little Waiting Room)
Birch Community Services
Oregon Music Hall of Fame
Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group
Grow International
Mt. Tabor Preschool
New Beginnings Haiti Ministry
Forward Edge International
Providence Foundations
Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation
Must Love Dogs NW
Cancer Alliance
Sexual Assault Resource Center
Kenton Business Association
Clark County Green Business
Love is Bald