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A word about GMOs (genetically modified organisms)-

Sadly, when it comes to foods in the USA, we don't always know what we are eating . It would be wonderful to just be able to eat something (like a bean) and know that it is good for you. We shouldn't have to worry about GMOs, pesticides, synthetics, and non-renewable ingredients and packaging. But, we do :(

When I started making candles, the #1 goal was to have a candle that wouldn't give me an asthma attack. Being an avid gardener and cook, I knew that I could create, with some ingenuity, a truly natural apple pie or floral candle, using real fruits, flowers, and spices, and it would not only not bother me, but it would uplift me.

After researching how to make candles, I was also enlightened to all of the other toxic, non-renewable materials put in common candles (like petroleum and dye) and thus, knew that I needed to make a candle that was 100% sustainable and healthy, not just partial. After much research, and not knowing a thing about GMOs at the time, I decided that soy would be the most responsible medium to use for my candles (plus, petroleum also gives me asthma and causes cancer- ugh!). It was perfect. I could burn my candles all day and night and not get a headache or asthma attack. They burned long and thorough. They had no non-renewable, toxic petroleum products in them. I was working with local artists to create one-of-a-kind containers and bringing jobs to my community. I felt at peace with my creations, knowing they were good for all.

Then, one night, after popping some popcorn, I snuggled in with my eldest children to watch the infamous, FOOD, INC., and, my calm, peaceful night turned into a panic attack! Oh my goodness, is my soy GMO? Am I supporting the destruction of heirloom plants, farms, health, and the destruction of life?

I had a very hard time sleeping that night and couldn't wait to talk to my soy oil supplier in the morning.

What a wonderful, wonderful relief it was to talk with them. After many probing questions, I can safely say that, the soy I use for my candles is non-GMO and EVERY SINGLE batch of oil they make is tested for GMOs. As of yet, they have all come up negative. They have the paperwork to prove it and I check up on the paperwork and tests every few months.

Sadly, growing soy without cross contamination is becoming almost impossible to do. Thus, one day, the tests may come up positive.

Because of this, I am passionate about eradicating GMOs and supporting sustainable farming. I am also always on the lookout for an alternative, sustainable source for candle oil should their GMO-statement ever change. I truly, truly, hope the opposite happens and GMOs are no longer a worry. Thanks to all who support the non-gmo projects and petitions. Here's to hoping!



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