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 Always No Synthetic Fragrance. Local Ingredients. Non-GMO Soy. Cotton and Recycled Paper Wicks.

 Thank you for buying sustainable and handcrafted in the USA! Most retail orders ship within 7 business days via USPS or UPS, depending upon the size. All packing materials are recycled or upcycled! We hope you are thrilled with your choices.

Thank you again! Sincerely, The Vances

Each Candle Purchased = Donation to Those in Need. Thank you!

Vintage Style Jar Soy Candle

You will love the way this candle burns! Our most popular style thanks to its great burn time and rustic charm. Hand crafted using only pure essential oils and organic flavor oils. 12 oz. jar with rustic brown lid.

Mini-traveler soy candle

Adorable as a party favor, gift basket addition, stocking stuffer or a sweet little gift. These are flying off the shelves and becoming very popular as a gift for guests in vacation rentals and to send as a reminder of the PNW! 2.5 oz. 

Mid-Size Traveler

Six ounces of handcrafted goodness.

Pacific NW mini-travelers SET

The beauty and scents of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in a gift box.  Contains one, 2.5 ounce tin each of: 

Pacific NW Rain, Pacific Wildflowers, Pacific Coast, Hiking Trail.  Four candles total. 

BEND candle

Pure essential oils capture the essence of Bend, OR. If you've ever been to Bend, you'll know how the fresh air permeates your senses with the glorious aroma of juniper berry, sage & pine. It is a smell I could never tire and now I, nor you, never need to! 6 oz. 

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