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I am consistently blown away by all of the wonderful people who take time out of their day to contact a complete stranger (me) to tell me how much they appreciate my candles. I can't thank you enough. Your words are appreciated beyond imagination. Thank you. -Amy Vance

This is a sampling of the many encouraging notes (mostly e-mails) that I have received---

I am blown away by your American Scent Trip candles. The concept, the scents captured, the labels, everything about it. Totally blown away! - a popular blogger dedicated to promoting American made businesses

The Judge from Drop Dead Diva likes our candles :-)

Your Candles are Amazing! I have never burned soy before...and I am hooked! Your candles don't have the "perfumey smell" that synthetically fragranced candles have and they burn great! I love your candles! Robin

I am in LOVE with your Rose candle! - Linda

Your claim about soy cleaning up with soap and water is totally true! My children decided that the melted candle would be fun to smear all over the bathroom. I was horrified and thought it would be a pain to clean up. I made THEM clean it up with soap and water and I couldn't believe it when they said they were done and it really was clean! Thanks for a great candle that also cleans up great! Happy Heather

LOVE your candles! - Michelle

I have asthma and can't usually burn candles. Yours don't bother me a bit. I love them! I am so happy to have found real, organic aromatherapy candles for my home that don't give me breathing problems and headaches! Thank you! Breathing Easy Bethany

Love your products!- Patricia

Your prices are great! Similar candles are over $30! Thanks for a wonderful, all around candle! Keep up the great work! A Thankful Customer

Love, Love, Love, it's all you need and a candle or two :) -Ann

I LOVE YOUR GARDENIA! I love that it is REAL GARDENIA. It is FANTASTIC. Thank you! A Gardenia Fanatic!

I want another Vance Candle! - Evelyn

Your Massage Candle is Genious! My husband and I are total fanatics and are hooked on your massage candles. The warm oil glides on perfectly and feels so wonderful. Thank you for a great product! From A Massage Candle Maniac!

"I absolutely endorse Vance Family Soy Candles! They are wonderful!"

Portland Mayor Sam Adams (pictured with Amy Vance at the premier party of Portlandia where Vance Family Soy Candles were used on set). He is also quoted as saying," This is the best smelling shop in Portland!" when he entered my studio shop in Portland, OR. He likes them so much he kept one of the Keep Portland Weird candles on the stage, at his desk, during a party honoring him :) Check it out below:) Photo by Dodge & Burns

Now I have the spa I work at hooked on your candles. Clients love them too. I have bought so many of your candles. Honestly, one of my favorite things in life is buying a new Vance candle. - Tamara

My dog likes to eat candles so it is relieving to know that yours won't make him sick or eventually grow a tumor in him! Plus, I love that you put a lot of scent in them so my home doesn't smell like dog all the time! Thank you for your plant based wonders! I love them! - A Dog Owner and Candle Freak!

I am extremely picky about fragrances (being raised by a naturalistic mom who happened to be an aromatherapy enthusiast certainly helped develop my discerning taste) and I just wanted to say that I am very impressed by the quality of your candles. I just purchased a rose soy candle the other day and I can tell, this is the real deal. It is an amazing candle that makes my home smell wonderful. Thank you!              Thankful in Beaverton, OR

Did I mention lately that I LOVE your ROSE candle? - Linda

I am a HUGE fan! I keep a couple on my desk. Even unlit, the scents brighten my mood. The American Scent Trip candles are among my favorite Made in USA products of all time. - SW of USA Love List

We are honored to say that the cast & crew of both Portlandia and Grimm both adore Vance Family Soy Candles :-)

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