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If you are reading this, I thank you!

I thank you for caring about the

ingredients we use and put in the air. I thank you for supporting me, Amy Vance, in my quest to bring plant based, sustainable, synthetic fragrance free candles to the American market place.

Who am I?

I am a single mother of 3 who loves to play with my sons.

I love to get dirty, hike, garden, swim, travel & be creative.

I am also allergic to synthetic fragrance. When researching how to make candles, I learned what horrible, unhealthy & detrimental ingredients are put into most products (even the "natural" and "healthy" ones!). It is amazing how many things we use in

our daily lives that we think are safe, but aren't. I have become very aware of this and now am very careful when I buy new items & check to see if they are made from petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or colors.

I also am very consciencious of what the packaging for the products are made of and where they are made & sourced (unfortunately, many American companies products are made unethically over seas :( ) It would be so nice not to have to read every label when shopping. This is one of the reasons why

I have begun my own line of soy candles that don't have any mystery ingredients, NEVER CONTAIN SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE or PETROLEUM BASED INGREDIENTS, and use materials made in the USA (some essential oils can only be sourced from their native lands but are processed in the USA). Everything I make, I use. I don't make my items solely to make money (although that is a necessity!). I also have a moral conviction that we should not use petroleum, if at possible, and we should use natural & sustainable products on our bodies and in the air we breathe.

I believe in making a positive impact on those around me and helping others whenever needed. I believe in supporting artisans so they too, can pursue their passions and gifts. Thus, I work with local artists to create candle containers and gift sets that are truly handmade (check out my series 1 candle by a local Vancouver artist and the handblown glass series - a handblown locally, stemless wine glass for my candle handcrafted by Portland Glass Blowers!).

I believe in a great attitude, thankfulness, hard work, justice, equality, kindness, and above all, love for all.

Thank you for reading this and getting to know me a little :-)

Sincerely, Amy Vance

I can't do this alone! Here's some pics of my amazing team! They are priceless to me and a true joy!

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