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New Labels! New Store!

Well, I've changed up my labels 6 times this year and this time I think I finally got it right!  I am very happy with these.  They are elegant, recyled, down to earth, slightly whimsical, branded and are just paper that is wrapped around and taped so the buyer can take it off and have a plain candle if they would like.  I am also making tags for my coffee candles and other funky sizes.

  What do you think?

I will still keep my recycled white labels for any hard-core fans but otherwise, I really like the recycled brown.




Speaking of new......Handmade Local Market opened this weekend!  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, please do!  For the month of February you can buy one of my healing shea,soy and essential oil massage candles for only $5!   This Saturday, ALL CUSTOMERS GET FREE LIPBALM while supplies last.  One per customer.

Plus, I have a shelf of OOPS! candles with the wrong wicks, discontinued fragrances, discontinued jars, etc. that are only $5!


Hope to see you there! 

Vance Family Soy Candles
Custom Organic Coffee Candles
market bags
Sweet with Heat Caramel Corn
For the Love of Knit
Lijah Hanley Photography
Upcycled Bird Feeders
Vintage Cards
Heat Packs
Cloth Diapers and Baby Gear
One of a Kind Jewelry
Vance Family Soy Candles new labels
Gardener's Hand Salve

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